Eid Ul Adha 2022

Eid Al Adha is on 08 July 2022. Eid ul Adha 2022 is known as the festival of Sacrifice in the Islamic faith and Muslims worldwide. Bakra eid observes every year in the month of the Islamic Date of Zulhijjah 10. Eid ul Azha is also called Eid Al Adha in the Arabic world. This year Eid Al Adha dates in the Arabic world as on 08 July 2022 and in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and some other parts of the world on 9-Jul-22.

Arab countries & followed regions

Event Date Hijri Date
Eid Ul Adha 08 July 2022 10 Zulhijjah 1443 AH

Pakistan, India & followed countries

Event Date Hijri Date
Eid Ul Adha 9-Jul-22 10 Zulhijjah 1443 AH


Eid ul Adha is just about to come and the preparations for the key Islamic event are already started. Each year, Muslims eagerly wait for the event due to its significance in Islam. However, the day is associated with the remembrance of the sacrifice made by two great prophets, Hazrat Ibraheem (عليه السلام) and his son Hazrat Ismail (عليه السلام). However, Eid ul Adha 2022 is celebrated from 10 Zil Hajj to 12 Zulhijjah.

Each year, Muslims celebrate Eid ul Azha to remember the sacrifice by these great Islamic figures. People buy sacrificial animals to perform their obligation of Qurbani and to remember the sacrifice of two great Islamic figures.

A lot of people do charity to bring happiness in the community. They also donate meat to poor and needy people for that purpose. On Eid Al Azha, people invited each other for dinner and parties. They serve each other delicious food items and meaty recipes.

On this page, you can check the dates related to the upcoming Eid ul Adha 2022 in Pakistan and worldwide. However, In Saudi Arabia, it will be celebrated on 07 July 2022. On the other side, in Pakistan, “Bakra Eid” or “Bari Eid” will lie on July 09, 2022. These dates will be finalized after the Central Ruet e Hilal meeting. In addition, you can also visit the Islamic calendar or pages of other Islamic events to assess the expected dates.

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Latest Reviews

The Interior Ministry has decided to extend public holidays on Eid-ul-Adha after the recommendation of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC).

  • Talal , Islamabad
  • Fri 16 Jul, 2021

People should not forget that Eid al-Adha involves slaughtering an animal and sharing the meat in three equal parts – for family, for relatives and friends, and for poor people.

  • Salman , UK
  • Thu 15 Jul, 2021

We should observe Bakra Eid with high enthusiasm as it is regarded among the important Islamic events in our religion. May Allah give Hidayah to all of us.

  • Naseem , Lahore
  • Wed 14 Jul, 2021

Three days of Eid holidays in Pakistan are expected. The Federal Government can give Eid ul Adha holidays from July 20 to July 22.

  • Salman , Karachi
  • Tue 13 Jul, 2021

Me and my family members always observe Baqr Eid with high enthusiasm. We have also purchased the sacrificial animal for Qurbani.

  • Nasir , Islamabad
  • Mon 12 Jul, 2021