Surah Waqiah PDF

Surah Waqiah is the 56 Surah in Quran Kareem with 96 ayat and placed in para 27. This Surah English means “The Inevitable”, you can download full Surah Waqiah PDF online which is published by Maktaba Tul Madinah. Reciting online Surah Waqiah PDF is also possible for readers by downloading and saving files to their devices.

Surah Waqiah
Surah Waqiah
Surah Waqiah
Surah Waqiah

Surah Waqiah PDF Online

The word Waqiah stands for the incident or event. It is the 56th Surah of Quran Majeed. The Surah Waqiah PDF has 3 Rukus whereas the numbers of verses are 96. It comes before Surah Hadid and after Surah Rahman in terms of the sequence. On our website, you can easily do the Surah Waqiah PDF Download.

The Surah has information about 3 different groups of people that are present in the world. Non-believers are placed in one group whereas the common believers are in the other group. However, the best group among them comprises of people who are best among the followers. In Surah Waqiah PDF, punishments and rewards are mentioned for each group. A reader gets a message that we should keep faith in Allah’s will. He can bring life to anything from nothing.

Surah Waqiah PDF Online puts great focus on the Akhirah and the life that everyone will get after death. It emphasizes that a person can get a high rank in Heaven if he does good deeds. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) also advised to recite it regularly as it enhances the Rizq of a person and keeps him away from financial issues.

Surah Waqiah in which para?

Surah Waqiah is located in the 27 para (juz) and it is the 56 chapter of the Quran.

How many ayat in Surah Waqiah?

Surah Waqiah consists of a total of 96 ayat (verses).

Reviews & Comments

The Surah Waqiah PDF is a comprehensive resource for those interested in studying and reflecting upon the profound wisdom contained within Surah Waqiah

  • Maaz, Karachi
  • Fri 02 Jun, 2023

Hart touching Surah!! Perwedegar Accept my recitation in his BarGah Ameen.

  • S Jaffari , Canada
  • Thu 01 Jun, 2023

I love this surah! have a great day

  • fatima, duncan
  • Fri 19 May, 2023

Previously, reciting a surah every night posed a challenge for me. However, I have now found a solution by using my phone and accessing a website that not only makes it easier for me but also aids in enhancing my tajweed (proper recitation of the Quran) and rectifying any mistakes.

  • Uzair, Quetta
  • Wed 17 May, 2023

Recite this beautiful surah after maghrib necessarily

  • Sadia, Lahore
  • Mon 08 May, 2023