Peace Begins With Tolerance And Respect Its Roots Get Stronger When Taught At Early Years

(Salma Ali, Islamabad)

On December 10 the entire world celebrated Human Rights Day. Different NGOs and civil societies conducted seminars, workshops, walks and so on, to raise their voice for human rights. Talk shows focused the topic, aired and discussed the brutal acts and the very next day it was all forgotten. My question is should human rights be limited to one day or 365 days?

Reflecting on 2017, every single day shocked us with stories of human rights violation. The year we started with many promises, wishes and celebrations and ended up again with sad memories.

Today when I opened the book and started turning the pages, each page opened with shocking news that shook my soul, feelings and emotions. Each incident raises the same questions. Are we human? Do we have feelings? Are we sensible or…

Allah has blessed us with the capacity of thinking, reflecting and reasoning and because of this we humans are superior on other creations of Allah. due to thinking and reasoning power angels prostrate Adam. We have degraded ourselves to lower than animals, when we stop thinking, reasoning and reflection.

Reflection is a power, capacity, potential and process of human being that gives them a sense of right and wrong and stops one’s erroneous step. Human being used this power and explored the universe to benefit mankind. The same power these days is misused for ones’ satisfaction and exploitation of others.

I will never forget Mashal, an intellectual young man killed on 13 April 2017 by an angry mob in the premises of university where he was a student himself over fake allegation of blasphemy. A boy who raised voice against the injustice and violation was made silent forever. He cried and requested for help, but his college fellows instead of rescuing were busy in making videos.

I was shocked when I heard the news of an 11 years old girl in Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan died due to physical punishment by a female teacher, later on identified as a sweeper. It hurts me when I reflect on Shervin Maseeh who lost his life just because he was caught using the same glass the Muslim boys used.

It hurts me again when I think about an 8 years old child killed by a landlord over trespassing of donkey into his field.

I am still in shock on an incident that occurred in DI Khan where a teen age girl was forced to walk naked in village, who requested many people especially females for help but did not get a brave and courageous lady or man to support and save her honor and prestige. The people who wear huge turbans to cover their heads were unable to cover that young girls body. We Pakistanis who live in the culture of honor, who are sensitive about their women because of her position given by Islam were busy in making video of that naked girl.

There are many more brutal acts happening around the world and within Pakistan that creates insecurity and anxiety among people. My question is who to blame? The parents, the teachers or the civil society?
Reflecting on all the above and many other incidents/events that took place in 2017 and in past clearly shows the draw backs of our education system, absence of harmony and lack of intellect, attitude of civil society.

We have schools on every foot step that gives education but the essence of it is missing. We are imparting knowledge and skills but fail in changing attitudes. Our students are getting 98% percent s and so on but they are unable to contribute to the society positively.

Our education system in 21st century still fails in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, resultantly, impatience, intolerance and lack of acceptance is getting its roots stronger in our society. My question is why the school owners, book publishers and curriculum developers are showing such irresponsibility and paying zero attention towards such social issues. My stance is, the education system must not only focus on its students’ career but character as well.
On the other hand, the civil society in Pakistan is always waiting for such incidents to happen so to raise their voice. My concern is why to wait for such incidents why not to stop them before it gets too big to handle.

I would request the education system to please teach values. Please read about value-based education and implement its ingredients so to help our new generation to identify and explore best in themselves and others. Sow the seeds of respect, acceptance, appreciation, tolerance, peace, positivity, critical thinking, wisdom, humanity, diversity etc. Give the students positive experience as what they learn makes the society. Engage the students in volunteer services, inquiry-based learning and co-curricular activities.

My request from civil society is to arrange life skills sessions for our youth, engage them in positive and healthy activities.

We cannot bear more brutal acts and do not want to lose our visionaries, intellectuals and our future any more.

Pakistan "land of the pure" won with intellectual war not by fight is suffering from many social, political issues that weakens the roots of this strong land and nation. If civil society will work jointly with educational institutes, it will definitely bring promising results and lead Pakistan back on to the road of progress.


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آپ کی رائے
yes you are very true injustice and favoritism damage our identification and edification. Keep moving to show the real education for youth.
By: Mr.Nusrat Ali Rustam, Lahore on Jan, 07 2018
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The author has undoubtedly raise highest level of concern over the injustice and extremism of so called educated society.

In every severe of life, we come across with rigid and extremists personalities. In recent cases, educated individuals role was beyond any expectation and shocking. Such elements can rightly be called the black spot on the face.

I will simply comment that until and unless people don't accept each other and give self respect to the others, such cases will repeatedly happen.

As a whole, article is very appealing.

God Bless You.

Regards / Mubarak Sheikh
By: Mubarak Sheikh, Rawalpindi on Jan, 05 2018
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