Sanctimonious Approach

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

Double standards are in full swing these days. From Politicians to the Bureaucrats and from social activists to a common man, every one has a dual face.A new thing is there in town that you can legitimize your every wrong statement by declaring it as a political verdict. It is just awesome.

Supreme irony indeed that the cost of a wheat bread (Roti) in Parliament's Cafeteria is 1Rs while a common man gets a Roti at the cost of 6Rs. While on the other hand, a Parliamentarian has a salary of 250,000/month and an untrained labourer just gets 13,000/ month.

There are two laws here; one for the rich and one for the poor. If a common fruit seller takes Rs10 more than the genuine profit. He gets a fine of Rs10,000 or gets a 6 months imprisonment or both. But an accused person for defalcation of more than Rs4 billion goes scot free and enjoys a plea bargain. Superb!

Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth; who ruled almost 76% of the world on her coronation, is marrying a woman who is an actress and has performed explicit bold scenes on television and is of a mixed race, divorced and 3 years older than him. Because these are not her flaws. The British empire stretched over all five continents and almost 143 modern day countries. Meanwhile in Pakistan; fair, skinny, under 23, same caste, doctor, religious, makes gol rotis, covers hair, no premarital affairs and corolla car are the basic demands of middle class mothers for their Babloos.

In short, it is bitter but reality; we all have dual faces. So, what to complain about?

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