Love is what everyone needs

(Zara Mansoor, Islamabad)

We are having a world in which love is based on security, money, high grades, material and what a person drives despite of a good nature, respect and true love. Love is a rare gift and not everybody is blessed with it. It is often overlooked, pushed to the side or thrown away. A healthy relationship has no need for petty games, as such never makes him/her feel disrespected, unimportant, or controlled. Instead make her/him feel loved, important and needed in the relationship, show the one you love what REAL trust and communication looks like. Nobody wants to go through a cycle of pain, lies, and betrayal and nobody should!

Love is a blend of chemical and emotional state.

Everything feels great to the person in love. Impermanent or permanent, we feel and experience love's every effect. The high of a stolen glance, the low of a furious fight, the joy of spending time together and the sorrow of a betrayal are all the effects that we experience for real.

Why every time we must have to hear that Love Is Blind? Love is not blind either, it just makes us to accept the faults of our lover, makes those faults more acceptable, it doesn’t blind us to the faults of our lover, Why don’t we get this thing in our heads??

Love is a thing without which survival is not possible and lucky are those who have blessed with an unconditional love. We may be the richest person and think we can be happy with all the money we have but that is far from the truth. Humans are created to have interaction with one another. There is always some connection between human beings. Special relationships are found between humans of opposite gender as in a love relationship.

Love is a sweet feeling and I am blessed with this sweet feeling. I fell in love for real and the object of my desire was a young handsome Officer. There is sparkle and a glint of beauty in his eyes, a glowing mature face, and warm beaming smile. His effulgent face describes everything which he wants to hide behind his gleaming cute face. He is having simplicity and loyalty in his nerves, far different from other men of his age. It would be good to call him a one in a million type of man. Mature, a little childish, having good sense of humour, loving, caring, loyal, not possessing a good vocabulary to describe his personality in a better way.

I found the love of my life and I am over the moon. Our meeting was very simple but the effects were astonishing to both of us. No one of us ever thought of becoming too close with each other but time worked as an eye-opener.

Who said that finding your soulmate is something that only happens in fairy tales?? I have found my soulmate in the world of reality. He is happy to have me and I am the happiest to have him just both are waiting to be in each other’s arms, which is known as the best feeling for the two in love.

He is a kind of man I always have longed for, but often heard that this type of man can only be existed in the world of fantasies. He loved me unconditionally and with all of his heart about which every girl dreams of. I want him all to myself and myself alone.

World is full of people and that is up to us to find our soulmate and that’s what I found. I consider myself the luckiest for having a man like him. It is natural for human beings to desire love; as the saying goes, 'love makes the world goes round'.

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