“Winter is season of Street Crime in Karachi”

(Rehan khan, Karachi)

Karachi is the central hub of business trades of Pakistan and largest city of Pakistan which is known as “City Of Light”. As the season of winter the street crime ratio has been raised and for which citizens are not secure at night.

There is some insufficient plan of law and enforcement order of Pakistan which raises crime. If I say it is the season of crime. Everything closed early as compare to summer it give more benefit to crime. As you know Street crime has become a common issue these days in the city of Karachi and almost everywhere the youth is targeted in these crimes and the most common target to snatch are mobile phones.

According to records and reports the criminal come well prepared both physically and their minds are set to commit the crime and have overpowered victim by fear and weapons. For which everyone is very much in fear and they do not carry expensive thinks like phone, watches, and jewelries. It is not just at night but now is common in day time and in public place.

I request the authorities responsible for security in the city to further keep a watch for these culprits that are a danger to the youth and as well as other citizens of the city .


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