How to say Thanks Allah ( ways of thanking & philosophy )

(Munir Bin Bashir, Karachi)
(1)Why it is essential to say thanks ?
The purpose of Saying “Thanks God” is to control pride of a person , because due to availability of certain things/facilities one naturally becomes proud, therefore in order to eliminate that pride & to keep oneself in control one is advised to say thanks to Allah

It has been explained in Holy Quran at Soorah Namal through Hazrat Suleman ( Solomon ) . Hazrat Suleman was having a lot of facilities/ blessings from Allah . He says to Allah

“ O Allah keep me in control & give me
ability do good deeds for thanking for
your kindness”

In above verse Allah has told us through the tongue of Hazrat Suleman that thanking is done to keep oneself in control.

Method of saying thanks
If we consider this ayat (verse ) we come to know also that Allah tells the way of saying thanks through the tongue of Hazrat Suleman. Allah says that when a person wants to say thanks Allah , the person should do good deeds

What are good deeds
There are many things ----- it may be removing of some stone lying in the way or it may be helping of blind person to cross the road or to give charity (KHAIRAT) or to say prayer or to keep fasting etc

(2) Shukar ( or Thanking ) is done to show that we are grateful to Allah-----Again question rises how to be grateful to Allah -----one answer is to say merely Thanks God Thanks God ----that is also good & we can not deny it ----- but Allah has replied through the tongue of Hazrat Suleman Alahi Assalam (Solomon ) that u people do perform some sort of good deeds ---
If we consider the philosophy of this advice then doors of wisdom starts opening ----It means when u have to say Thank then at the same time search for good deed to be done & if one determines that his thank will not be completed unless he does some good work --- AND he then performs also good job -- then good activities / good works will start prevailing in this world like mushroom

(3)There is a famous Urdu book named “ZINDAGI” written by writer Chaudhri Afzal Haq . This book was admired by former care taker Prime Minister Mr Mairaj Khalid too in a TV interview. In this book the author has described
“ One way of paying thanks to Allah for his kindnesses /blessings
is to make share holder in that blessing to those who are
deprived of those blessings”

Explanation of this can be done in this way that if we are provided the blessing of eyes then we should guide blind person or if we have a car then we should give lift to people (provided that we feel secure that it might not cause car snatching )

(4)The famous CSP officer & author Mr Mukhtar Masood has said in his book “AWAZ DOST” that ------Any population (“BASTEE”) where in

-- heart does not say thanks God ,

-- mind does not go to skill

-- tongue does not incline to wards justice (“HAQ”)

then that population is destroyed with the passage of time

Therefore for keeping our world , our country , our home up to the mark --- one should always say thanks to Allah by avoiding the complaints about what he is not getting but by seeing what blessings he has got


As has been talked earlier that one way of thanking ALLAH can be done by saying words Thanks Allah

But There is one occasion where Allah refuses to accept Thanks from persons
& that is the occasion where person (BANDA) gets some kindness from any other person & go to Allah for paying thanks
-----At that moment Allah says to thanker (who wants to say THANKS ALLAH & who does not pay thanks to people )

Allah does not need his thanks .Allah demands from
that thanker to go to people first & say thanks
to them .
(Refer Urdu Digest , Lahore Month June 2006 page 248) .

Explanation of this Hadees (Hadith ) --- According to Hadees Mohammad Sallay Alla alai hee wassallam has said if you can not pay thanks to persons then Allah does not need your thanks.
Therefore method of saying verbal thanks is that one must say thanks to Persons then to Allah (This is in case of if some one makes kindness with us )

Philosophy behind it:-
This world is very strange . Some times the proud person feels difficulty in saying thanks to some low class person. Because it hurts his (proud person ) ego “ ANA " ( in Urdu) or self created dignity .
So proud person might be flowing tears in front of ALLAH but not saying single word for person where from he got help. Therefore in order to break that ego Allah has given instruction to say thanks first to person

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