How to get self esteem

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

Self-esteem is the blessing of Allah.Those who do not believe themselves. Success for such people decreases.Such people are worried.Because these are also afraid to say the correct thing.
Feeling this thing, I thought I wrote something on about self confidence.
My dear readers: note some tips for self confidence .I hope you willbuilde your self confidence.
()Stay away from negativity and think positivist.
Positive thinking improve your self confidence. Because you own a good you feel good .
()Wear clothes. you’ll feel good about yourself
()Groom yourself.
()Get to know yourself
()Act positive
()Speak slowly
()Change a small habit
()Focus on solutions
()Get active
()Change your body language
()Accept yourself
()Create Goals
()Talk To Others
Dear Reader :
These steps are just the basics. It is up to you to treat yourself well and discover.
Think about it at the same time, too much self-esteem is extremely destructive as it leads to pride.
These were the tips for self-esteem that I understood my responsibility to describe for you.Remember me in dua.

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