Love and Friendship

(Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai, )

1. Love is natural, friendship is social.
2. Love needs no company for its birth , friendship needs company.
3. Love is beyond man’s control, friendship is under man’s control.
4. Love needs no equality of social status, friendship needs equality of social status.
5. Love needs no equality of financial position, friendship needs equality of financial position.
6. Love is rare like sweet scent, friendship is common like wind.
7. Love is a matter of heart, friendship is that of mind.
8. Love is often non-utilitarian , friendship is often utilitarian.
9. Love is often unique and singular, friendship is often common and plural.
10. Love needs no substitutes, friendship often seeks substitutes.
11. Love is often life-long, friendship is often tenure based.
12. Love is not based on choice, friendship is based on choice.
13. Love often destroys lovers; friendship often saves friends.
14. Love is often un-returning, friendship is often returning.
15. Love listens no accusations, friendship often does so.
16. Love is often between opposite sexes, friendship is often between same sexes.
17. Love is often unilateral; friendship is often bilateral.
18. Love is often kept secret, friendship is often announced.
19. Love faces great resistance from society; friendship is often free.
20. Love is often associated with sighs; friendship is associated with laughter.
21. Love makes lovers weak and sick; friendship brings health and strength.
22. Love often leads to literature, friendship often leads to action.
23. Love often brings defame, friendship brings fame.
24. Love often trims relations; friendship often extends relations.
25. love is often from male to female; friendship is often from male to male or female to female.
26. Love often loses sacred sanctity; friendship often strengthens it.
27. Love prevails over senses while friendship awakens senses.
28. Love is the basic theme of literature and film industry; while friendship is the secondary one.
29. People love to watch or read love stories; while friendship stories are only liked.
30. Love lasts till death while friendship is often dependent on situation.
31. It is often said that love is blind; but it is never said that friendship is blind.
32. Love is often related with youth; while friendship is the need of every stage of life.
33. Love is often between persons of almost the same age, while friendship does not depend on age stages.
34. Love can cross the boundaries of religions, friendship may also do the same.
35. Love longs for marriage, friendship longs for company.
36. Love often falls beyond the pales of family, while friendship is often within family or neighborhood.
37. Love sometimes becomes a curse and friendship also does the same.
38. Love is a fever, friendship is a habit.
39. Love claims greater hold on our minds than friendship does.
40. Lovers are few, friends are hundreds.
41. Love often makes weep. Friendship seldom does so.
42. Love is a flower, friendship is a toy.
43. Love is morning , friendship is afternoon.
44. Love is body, friendship is dress.
45. Love is romance, friendship is reality.
46. Love is poetry, friendship is prose.
47. Love is religion, friendship is society.
48. Love is youth, friendship is manhood.
49. Love is soul, friendship is heart.
50. Love is heaven, friendship is world.
51. Love is scent, friendship is flower.
52. Love is a meaning, friendship is a word.
53. Love is wine, friendship is coffee.

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