Sarfaraz Ahmed, Skipper on track to success.

(Zainab Aftab, karachi)

Sarfaraz Ahmed, Pakistan's ODI and T20 captain who led the team to victory in the 2017 Champions Trophy, also captain Pakistan's Test team, has brought a major success for Pakistan team.

After Pakistan’s clean sweep in three-match series against West Indies on Tuesday, he announced his match fees to the ground staff of National Stadium, Karachi.
Speaking to the media, the skipper said that Pakistan has proved that it can host the international matches in a secure environment.

“I don’t think teams have any excuses left for not coming to Pakistan anymore. Even the crowd turnout today was massive despite this match being the third match. The people of Karachi have proved to the world that cricket can be played in Pakistan. So, the teams should not be looking for any explanations to not to tour Pakistan,” stated Sarfaraz
The green shirts have never lost a series since the wicketkeeper-batsman took over the captaincy in 2016 after World T20.

Pakistan has been hair-raisingly demonstrated to be a figuring control over cricket circuit, as as of late it sieged the to begin with spot in ICC T20 rankings for the to begin with time ever, surpassing the kiwi’s. Having said that the command of the group was given in the hand of a senior All-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi affectionately called as “Boom Boom” group doesn’t quicken to the desires of the fans. Indeed, in spite of the fact that, the group was not able to make it for the semis.

These changes could be pronounced as the minute from where the group continuously begun to fly when Sarfaraz was brought in the picture to lead the National side. The 30 years old man has a place to Karachi and did a parcel battle to make him for the National side. He was utilized as the substitution of Kamran Akmal for most of the times but as our older folks says that enthusiasm and dedicated is a key to victory. Additionally, happened in Sarfaraz’s case.

Meanwhile, Sarfaraz Ahmad became the first captain to have such a high winning percentage (85.71%) so far, after being appointed as a captain. Coming to on best position is a dream of each group but to accomplish that is exceptionally vital. Pakistan in 2016 got ICC Test mace but they didn’t make it draw out and fair fell down promptly after a month, inevitably for this time we are trusting best from the national group beneath the administration of Sarfaraz who doesn’t have the propensity to lose effectively.

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