Love without boundries

(Fariha, Dubai)

In the millennium century there has been truemondous amendments in humans, our values, our culture, our lifestyles and our belief however I feel when it comes to feelings emotions and relations we are still in stone age where we restrict our self to be with people alike us whether it's nationality, religion, caste or language that we speak any change is not welcome not appreciated an unfortunately not allowed.
A Muslim guy should only fall in love with a Muslim girl and should marry someone who share the same religion which is very obvious helps to breed mature and perfect family but why the barriers why bounding why constraints I m not devaluing or I m not being disrespectful toeards the religion I m a proud Muslim myself what my view is doesn't every religion teach you the same basic all of beliefs are about being human towards other human having said why cannot a Hindu girl fall in for a Muslim guy why cannot they be married and supported by the families the society
The punishment of being different is death ! What a hipocresy we all have
They say that there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. ... Than why we don't open the doors of happiness on those who are inside the walls of fear those who desire each other but not equal on the scale of religion language caste or nationality those who are unlike on social levels but the souls are tied up
I can’t help but question the wisdom of a decision that has brought nothing but anguish to all the parties involved. Entering into matrimony with a person who follows the same faith does not guarantee a successful marriage – marrying a compatible partner does.
There are those who find love and companionship within their communities, however, there are others who find it outside. If one is fortunate enough to meet an individual who fits the bill of one’s notion of an ‘ideal partner’ is it logical or even fair to expect him to let go of an alliance, that he deems perfect, on account of religious differences?
Finding a soul mate is difficult as it is; limiting one’s choices does not seem like such a prudent idea.
The thought that keeps reverberating in my mind is – how obtuse would a parent have to be to believe that religious beliefs and considerations supersede all else- even the happiness of one’s own child? Rigid, antiquated religious or social diktats that restrict personal liberties have no place in modern society.
Shedding inhibitions, brought about by regressive social and religious customs, that curb an individual’s freedom of choice, is the hallmark of a progressive mindset. Ancient religious practices that infringe on a person’s fundamental right to choose his own life partner must be done away with. Every member of a civilised society should have the freedom to exercise his right to love and marry as per his or her wishes without any interference or threat from any quarter.
Relationships between people of different faiths have worked because the language of love is universal and is comprehended by all irrespective of the god they pay obeisance to.
As the cliché goes – love is blind; blind even to religious differences.
In such relationships, couples learn to celebrate and cherish their differences rather than squabble over them.Religious conversions should not be a pre requisite for such multi faith unions. Individuals can continue to follow their faith while being a part of a joyous marriage to a person who follows a different religion. It’s unfair to expect a woman to let go of her belief system and thereby alter her identity just to please her new family. Converting for the wrong reasons will only sow the seeds of resentment and put a strain on the relationship.A person should embrace a new religion because he wants to, not because he or she is compelled to.
I have always felt that too much time is spent worrying about which religion the offspring of such marriages should follow. How about exposing them to both religions and then letting them exercise their constitutional right to practice any faith of their choice? It’s commendable that the children of such marriages grow up truly understanding and respecting the importance of diversity.
In a countries like Pakistan and India , where people of various faiths co-exist peacefully and mingle freely with each other in schools, colleges, offices and neighbourhoods, such relationships should not come as a surprise. Inter-religion unions are the obvious result of a pluralistic society and should be hailed as a step towards integrating and unifying a mind bogglingly diverse nation. These unions are a lesson in love, tolerance and acceptance
Although inter-religion marriages are becoming a common occurrence in India and beyond, society still has a long way to go in ensuring that no other couple meets the calamitous fate of my unfortunate friends.
The only dream that I have for my unborn children is to see them happy. Whether they find this happiness with a Parsi, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Jain, a Buddhist, a Hindu or even an atheist is inconsequential to me.
I’ll be happy as long as they are!

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