The blessings of Ramadan Shareef

(Bushra Shahzad, Karachi)

Ramadan with all its blessings and positive vibes is back with us! What a wonderful month to attain all the goodness of body and soul. Ramadan is the 9th month in the holy calender and Muslims around the whole world wait for it the whole year.

Ramadan not only gives us good health but also teaches us how to purify our souls and teaches us how to become a good Muslim. Some main focuses and aims of this month are boycotting falsehood and give up lying, please Allah with offering prayers and engaging oneself in worship, reminding others how to behave well, neglecting other's mistakes, and most of all finding power in patience.

Another special feature of Ramadan is giving charity
to the needy and poor people. As men is in love with money that he earns therefore Ramadan Shareef teaches us how to share and thus this strengthens our bond with Muslim Ummah.

Thus, Muslims should keep a reminder of this month as a tutorial for the rest of the year. Ramadan basically tries to convey to us how to spend our whole year and how to change our lives and transform it so that we can pursuit the love of Almighty Allah.

May all Muslims around the globe gain massive advantage from this blessed month having three ashra's (part) namely Rehmat, Maghfirat, and jahanum se nijaat (freedom from hell fire). Ameen!

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