Religious Descrimination in Pakistan

(Salman Asghar, Lahore)

Religious discrimination is treating someone differently because of their religious beliefs and practices. Religious discrimination is the unfair /unequal treatment of an employee in their workplace because of their lack of religious belief. People got fired, harassed by people , by government ,no promotion for them , no respect in their workplace.
The Constitution of All Indian Muslim League in 1940 made categorical commitments for granting religious and cultural freedom to all religious minorities. But Now,In Pakistan,Blasphemy Law imposed by the Pakistani Government. Blasphemy Law s something like insult towards Holy places, Holy personage , holy places and their beliefs. Pakistan’s blasphemy laws present Since 1990, more than 62 people have been killed by blasphemy related vigilante violence. In 2013, there were 39 blasphemy cases registered against 359 people, and over 40 people are on death row for blasphemy. describe the full extent of the human rights issues faced by minority communities in Pakistan.

Christians make up one of the two largest (non-Muslim) religious minorities in Pakistan, along with Hindus. The situation of religious freedom in Pakistan, especially for the Christian minority, has been an issue of serious concern to Negative for Justice and Peace, Because of Blasphemy Law in Pakistan, tehreek-e-Taliban targeted Christian a lot of time. In which Christian have lost so many men, women and children, Burnt their churches , burnt men, women and children as well as their houses. There’re some major incidents like : In March 2013, Muslims attacked a Christian neighborhood in Lahore, where more than 100 houses were burned after a Christian was alleged to have made blasphemous remarks. On September 2013, 75 Christians were killed in suicide attack at church. On March 27, 2016, at least 70 were killed and over 340 wounded when a suicide bomber targeting Christians celebrating Easter attacked a playground in Lahore.In 2018, Asia Bibi Got an Aquittal and Religious parties Lost their Minds, burnt car buses, Destroyed livelihoods of poor , raided on Christian Areas. Non Muslims Christians along with other minorities are barred from any upper level seat in Politics.

If we talk about Qadiani's/Ahmadi’s in Pakistan , Ahmadi’s are the Muslims they believe on Five pillar of Islam But they consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as their Prophet sent by Allah, He’s the Founder of Ahmadi’s. They have many changes in Islam. Ahmadi’s have many resistance in other countries because they have set negative mindset of their people mind against Islam. Due to this , they have lost thousands of lives in Pakistan as well as in other countries too. There’re some main incidents like on May 2010, their two mosques were attacked in Gari Shahu and Model Town, Lahore. Ahmadi’s students faced extremist precaution and discrimination because of their faith in school and colleges.In 2018, If we talk about Mian Atif, Well known Economist and Professor in Two University , who appointed as economist in PTI’s Government, After a week government ask him to resign because of some pressure of Islamic Parties. His only mistake was that he born in Qadiani’s Family. Which showed Religious discrimination our Merit.

Pakistani Hindus faced riots many times, once mobs attack 5 temples of Hindus in Karachi and burnt 25 temples in Sindh. In the Time of Nawab Akbar Bugti, he killed 35 Hindus by firing. But In july, 2010 taliban blast at Data Darbar Lahore killed 50 people and 200 wounded.

Pakistan politics should have understand constitutes Reigious Descrimination like everyone have equal rights in every place, whether his workplace or any other department. Government should create some good policies against this discriminations like the Mullah’s of Pakistan , who create all blasphemy rules and regulation . Stop them stop their Fatwa’s of Islam which they deliver to People, because of this Muslim create all these discrimination. If Islam teaches us to killed Non-Muslim then why our Prophet (PBUH) forgive all non-muslim. Islam teaches us to respect and save Humanity not killed them. Create peace and Love.

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