Government is the new hope for Home less

(Hamsha Abdul Hameed, Karachi)

Blessing for baggres and hopeles people

Pakistan has passed 71 years of independence on the map of the world. During these time period, they have faced a lot of problems and crises. Every government try to overcome these problems but most are failed to accomplish them. Present government had a lot of promises and Positive change for the public. Prime minister of Pakistan has announced a new best favorable policy for the lower class, poor and beggar people of our country.

According to this policy, he will be made a 50lacks home for all, but their target is to provide homeless people on the basis of first priority. This announcement creates new hope among bagger and poor people. However, in this modern Era, basic elements of life are increased day by day. Due to these all major cause buy own house was just a dream. They are not even having money to fulfill their basic 3 times food need in a whole day. Government free home policy is not just a provide them with the house, It also decreased the poverty rate of our country. This is also one of the positive step discussed up from all the poverty and lower or less independent country of the world. PM also said to different province ministers of that they would try to accomplished this target till 29th November.

Their duty has to identify different locations in the city of Lahore, Karachi and other cities as well. Before completion of this mega homeland project. He decided to make camps and tents for homeless and bagger people. They also provide two times free food in a whole day. These home scheme such a great blessing for all people who live in front of an open sky. Especially In this winter season PM, this act of kindness was such a great gift for all of them.

After all the prayers and true heart desires of free poor and all the homeless citizens were being come true as soon as possible. God gives a more strength and strong capacity to solved the problems of Pakistan and make a place once again pride in the entire world.

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