Luxury Vs Poverty

(Syeda Arbish, Karachi)

Nowadays, our society is bouting such an authentic problems regarding the equality and differences between luxury and poverty. This standard and class system really can spoil the strength and unity of any nation.We are making the frame of living, every one wants to live luxuries life, standard living of life, rich becomes more rich as well as poverty is increasing day by day its spreading like a strong root which can became a strong tree one day. Our society is blurring behind the poverty it can be darker point for any country, its also a reason to increase a crimes because hunger makes them aidless to do every work either this is wrong or right.

The government should make a way of earning for them if we want to see every one in same line so we should take a part with government to diminished poverty they don't need money or any donations they just need guidness regarding the way they earn.

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