Contented At The End

(Moqeet Rehman, Rawalpindi,Pakistan)

Islam is a religion that has taught us how to live each and every little thing about our life in detail. Still we remain ignorant all our lives towards what’s been taught in Quran. Why don’t we return or bend in front of our creator before it’s too late. Why is it so that we only return towards the truth at the very end of our lives (like at the age of 80 or something). Just because we are so busy in fulfilling the needs of the ones around us or maybe we are too busy pleasing people instead of Allah. That is the reason we fall again and again in whatever task we are about to achieve .What if we had spent time in pleasing Allah we would not only succeed in the life but also all of our problems would have been solved. But we selfish people only return towards the truth when it’s too late when time has passed and we know that our life is just remained little just like we complete just random little tasks of our daily life at the very end. Nobody out of us would want to have regrets and specially the age of 80 or 90 everyone of us would want to see themselves very contented .So that when we would look back but what’s the use if we are would have all the happiness in our lives like fame ,money and what not .But the very one thing that would be missing would be the regret that we wasted life on just things that were not real and we gathered nothing with us when we are about to die.

Why no start from today this very moment and start doing good deeds, start following what the Messenger of Allah taught us, try to offer prayers regularly. And also pray to Allah that may he gives us not only happiness but also contentment of our heart and souls ,and may we carry massive good deeds with us when we die.

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