In Pakistan we are living independently we can do what we want. From childhood we start playing sports in evening which are headed by our parents. But then we start liking sports. When sports become our habit then our parents start stopping us from playing sports. They are right in their place because there is no guaranteed future in playing sports like cricket.

ATHLETES in Pakistan are not very much comfortable. Government announced some funds for them and prizes than never take that step leaving them alone.

RISK is that thousands of athletes start becoming professional in their respected sport.

But only some of them successful and become champion. 80% people ,lse hope and start thinking thar they have choose a wring path for their life. They can never become champion.

This thinking starts stress in their life. Their love in sports become less effective and then they prevent others for choosing this passion and advises them to stop.

If they chose study in their life as a profession and start becoming engineers. Then after becoming engineers competition will become too much so that their are soe jobs left for engineer jobs.

These jobs are given to some people on base of SIFARISH.

Ambition of all people not succeed. Only some of this succeed. Rest of people start living difficult life.

HOW CAN PERSON SURVIVE IN THIS TYPE OF ENVIRONMENT. Government wants to take step on sports so that Pakistani loving sports people continue their profession.

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