Another Star Lost

(Dr Ahmad, faisalabad)

I am watching him from very beginning from his debuat in ODI cricket.when his strike rate in ODI cricket never increased over 50%.but gradually he improved as a ODI batsman.and he was the man to go for many captains.he never disappointed his captain with ball in ODI cricket and especially against left handers.but in test cricket we could not use his potentiall.first of all i tell you that we performed very badly in asia cup one reason is that we did not include hafeez in that tournament. if he was included in the team no team cant beat pak in dubai and uae.and lets talk about recent series against NZ he perfomed in shorter formate of the game.but in tests after making century on his come back his bat is his failures in tests its our management failure.we could use him very effectively.we just needed some shufflings in batting orders.if we make Azhar ali permanent opening batsman haris sohaul one down and hafeex in lower order he still can bat for our team.he can score quckly which our team is needed badly.but we just want to show him that you do not deserve place in test team we made him to reteire from test cricket.

we should think for how long we we will be losing our stars like this.

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