Hazards of Juvenile Riding

(Rashid Talani, )

Road accidents have become an everyday affair in Pakistan causing untimely deaths of hundreds of persons every day. Most of the accidents are caused by juvenile riders due to carefree riding, speeding, doing a wheelie etc and the resultant deaths have become a fait accompli. According to a report issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics the figures of accidents are extremely alarming with the fatal accidents being 4036 and non-fatal accidents' total figure reaches 5546 every year. Since motorcycles are more exposed on roads, the motorcyclists are more prone to road accidents, particularly the juvenile delinquents are accident-prone.

Parents and traffic cops are equally responsible for this and the delinquent juveniles too do not fall outside the purview of police action in this regard. A few suggestions are given below which may help to curb this nuisance in letter and spirit.

The parents should not turn a blind eye to their kids by allowing them to drive without licence nor should they let their kids drive fast. Additionally, parents should be careful while handing over vehicles to their kids. The police can also contribute a lot by taking precautionary measures to prevent this menace of road accidents. The traffic cops, besides imposing helmet rule, should keep a close tab on delinquent riders so that this menace could be curbed to the possible extent.


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