Why There Is No Metro Bus In Karachi?

(Noorullah Bhatti, Karachi)

Karachi the biggest city of Pakistan, It is 3.780km² by land and 14.91m by population, But still have dysfunctional transport system, Where sons and daughters of Hazrat Adam and Bibi hawa had been abjecting under local buses, Rickshaws and expensive transport,

If we had been glancing the world metro bus system is the most effected and fascinate transport system. It was initiated by London in 1863 through underground metro system than in 1890 they introduced electro field underground metro bus, In 2017 metro bus was undertaken by pm Nawaz Sharif in Punjab although Lahore have less population and area than Karachi but still Karachi haven't metro bus system.

Abominable situation of Karachi traffic is making society ill, Eccentric and trounce traffic rules, inferior and huge crowd buses, long distances and pollution of private and public transportation.

Metro bus have enormous equipment it can comfort public pleasure it can reduce pollution by diminishing private transport, Paris tramway line was started in 2016 and serving 25m passengers.

If metro have vast benefits than why there is no metro bus system in Karachi?

The most important is inequality with provinces at the time of Nawaz’s government Nawaz Sharif intention was more on Punjab because it was his more voting area. This will truth to say that Sindh government also didn't pivot on Karachi transport system, They failed to made convenient policies for Karachi,

All Funds had been corrupted and Karachi didn't got its solution of it's problems.

In last if government wants to convince public both Sindh and Federal government have to made bright policies for metro bus system.

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