Love eliminates all kind of divisions

(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

"In this world like this,where everyone is in race and try to cross each other.Where everyone is in battle without any solid reason. Where everyone is in fear but don't let any chance to make others fearful.Where everyone is in hurry and in this hurry they forget even themselves. Where everyone is in distress but don't miss any chance of creating distraction in others life.Where everyone is busy in building divisions and divisions .In this world like this how can we live in, how can we breathe in it.

Where there's only distraction
but no peace ",I asked from teacher.
And his reply was amazing , " Yah the world
is full of divisions and divisions
and there're many wrong things but what about the sunrise
which give the message of hope. What about the beautiful nature

full of love and peace and there is no division in nature .What about a child smile that makes the world brighten.What about the rhyming of girls full of agitation that can wag the earth.What about the persistency of man which can break every hurdle.What about the dark night with the message of new start.Yah ,the world is in deep trouble from top to the bottom,but there is love ; a divine blessing.

That can heal the every pain and can eliminate every division.The way to the love is full of miracles and peace and the answer of every pain is love .

Love is the only thing that removes the difference of any type , that eliminates the division of any kind and unite the things with all differences and divisions. In love there is no evil and no angel, no rich and no poor but the lover .The Creator creates all of us with love and eliminates all differences and divisions .

Love is not the prison created by lover for it's beloved but the complete freedom gifted by the lover to it's beloved , it's matter of beloved how he use that freedom.

Love denies any kind of possession but as our love is possessive that's why there's no peace otherwise love is full of peace. Love is not the fun and enjoyment but the great responsibility .

You can't pressurize someone to love you it's a choice of someone's own heart. Neither forcefully you can get it not buy it with money but you can earn it with kindness and love.The person who loves just, to get it in return can't get it. In love, if you only believe in taking but not giving you aren't a lover but a snatcher and you're near to destroy your relation .Love is not to accept and respect your own views and ideas but also respect others views and ideas.Love is not complicated as we made it but a single word of kindness and single act of humility.

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