Are hindu girls of Sindh embraced from Islam or forcibly converted to Islam?

(Saif ur Rehman, Mirpur Mathelo, Sindh)

What is the truth? Are hindu girls of Sindh embraced from Islam or forcibly converted to Islam?

I agree with all those who are against the forcely religion conversion But nowadays the cases that are coming in front of or from past in those cases it would be fairly wrong to say that all girls were embraced from Islam, actually some cases were cause of love but not affected by Islam. They changed their religion to get their own love which was their compulsion.

But question is that Why only hindu Girls converted to Islam why not hindu boys? There is a special reason, in our society especially in rural areas of Sindh as much as freedom can given by hindu parents to a daughter that much not by Muslim parents except some families, if a Muslim girl look up a eye over boy it is considered as she had bad habbits so she tortured or killed as a "Kaari". In this society a muslim girl cannot choose her husband whom she want to marry than how can she love a hindu boy rather there has been some awareness in society but not like that, this is the main reason due to a muslim girl cannot make relation with hindu boy.

This is true those who love each other they have no religion but if they want to live in this society a happy life as lovers than obviously girl should have to sacrifice because If a muslim boy converted to Hindu religion then what will happen? everyone knows well. Such incidents occur due to bad society and such system.

Look at the case of Rinkal Kumari and Aarti Kumari, who converted to Islam only due to marry muslim boys. Nowadays Rinkal Kumari is living veryhappy life with her husband and children. Even she is also in contact with her parents, now she is doing a degree in M.A from Degree Collage Mirpur Mathelo. Similarly, Aarti is also enjoying her good life with her husband. Aarti is well educated girl who married a boy who was teacher in a same school where she was herself teacher.
And most importantly there are some of us who offer these things exaggerating because of that minorities understand that they are not entitled to rights, it is different that majority also facing same issues about rights.

There is no any reason about religion conversion but it is a matter of Love, but why those people don't understand who thinks themselves as Philanthropists. Is it wrong if they change their religion to get love? Those people should tell couples the way that they become one and live well, or avoid themselves to be called as an indicator of humanity and love.
We all know how Sindhis present with hindus in Sindh . Sindh is land of Sufism, Sindhis are inclined towards humanity, but some people want to create hate between them by spreading things.

The Sindhi Hindus should keep in mind that they are descendants of Sindh and should solve their problems themselves because they are the real owners of Sindh but those who are trying to be their humble are the main roots of depravity between majority and minority, it is surprising that such people are looking for such opportunities by understanding themselves as human being.

Every society has such incidents that should be seen with every aspect, If a Hindu forcibly converted to Islam, there is no any permission of such work in Islam. There must be drastic action against those who forcibly converted the religion of any hindu, and there must be research as no one treated unjustly.

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