Allow women to ride a motorcycle

(Misbah nadeem, karachi)

request to allow girls to ride a motor bike

In your daily news the matter is of public importance.

I am the resident of Karachi, in Karachi women facing a lots of traveling issues every day and we wait for busses and autos mostly the timings of the busses do not match, the students wait for so long and working women get late for their jobs they arrived late which was so embarrassed to them.

We have to pay huge amount of money as a fine. Not every girl afford a car that’s why we requested to allow a motor cycle this is not in our culture but this is our need I fail to see how a woman riding a motorcycle would be against the Some Guys riding of bikes, misbehave with girls and they give horns they act like abnormally. In Pakistan we can see that many girls are able to ride a motor bike confidently. But we can’t change their mind about how they think about girls. Everyone take too badly about how can girls ride a bike? Or how can girls go alone on a motor bike? Guys say a negative comments when they saw girls on bike.

And how can we travel on busses, because the monthly expenses are so high that every parents can’t afford extra dues.

We therefore request you to allow a motor cycle for females also. I have complained many times about public transport but not immediately action has been taken yet so we decided to request you to allow a motor bike so we can travel easily and will arrive on time. Your permission for girls is very helpful for us. We can easily ride on a motor bike. This is my very humble request you to allow us.

I hope that my article will get an appropriate space on your web.

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