A Pakistan Without Extremism

(Fayez Shamim, Karachi)

If we talk about Extremism, its literal meaning would be the state of being extreme. This refers that one can be extreme in any or all errands of life either Religious, Political, Racial and etc. Over the period, human civilization has witnessed both ends of human behavior, on one end there are moderates and on the other end, there are extremists.

The moderates are highly acceptable and flexible, they are very open in accepting different people with their respective values, beliefs, and norms around them. Whereas extremist are the ones who are always very less flexible to social diversification of masses and they find it very hard in accepting different values, norms, and behaviors of people around them. Extremism is never less than a curse to society, as extremism eliminates harmony and acceptance from the society and as a result, hate starts spreading in multiple domains of society whether Religious, Political, Racial and etc.

However in today’s Media, extremism is mostly affiliated with the eastern world but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist in Western World, White Supremacy, Holocaust, Mass Shootings, Christchurch Attack refers that extremism exists in the Western world as well

Unfortunately, Extremism takes society and its inhabitants to a social downfall, where unknowingly people begin to blow their societies. It is very unfortunate to see that extremists are mostly myopic when it comes to their self-analysis about their respective extremism, they can give you thousand reasons to and propagate their extremism but yet all of those will be based on hollow psychological perceptions making them rigid within themselves.

If we talk about Pakistan, it’s very disappointing to accept that our motherland has been a victim of many social challenges and in my opinion of its most dangerous challenge is Extremism , Being an unbiased person if you would have a look in Pakistani Society you can easily figure out that our behaviors are often extreme, we love extreme and we hate extreme in all Religion, Politics, Racial and etc. you can easily find ample hate & extremism in a Pakistani society

Sadly Pakistan has been a victim of Extremism since decades, from Subcontinent till today extremism has always more or less existed in our society. We as a nation never realized when there came a wall of extremism between us, We never thought how our thought process, believes, values and practices got hijacked by so-called social agents or influencers.

Whether we like it or not, accept it or not, but it is a real truth that extremism has been spread to many pledges of our society, yes it has been spread among the masses and even in all social classes as well, since we Pakistanis are highly emotional nation, as a result, it further ignites the scenario as extremism backed by high emotions are not less than a social catastrophe.

Moreover our literacy rate of 55% turns out to be the last nail in the behavioral coffin of our nation, a nation where people cannot differentiate between right and wrong and yet they are extreme I don’t think there is anything left which can be worse than this, I think it’s high time we should start thinking, what and where this extremism has brought us to, what we have accomplished and what we have lost.

We as humans are the same and even bleed the same but yet we are divided, on the basis of our religion, color, and etc. I think it is okay to accept things the way they are, it is okay to accept someone’s religion, politics, ethnicity and etc.

I suggest we should start hating hate, why not we should accept others or our fellow humans or countrymen the way they are, why not stand united on national or patriotic grounds, can’t we think of a Pakistan where hate would be least desirable emotion, A Pakistan where hate would be considered as a social abuse and nobody would opt for it?

From Karachi to Kashmir a Pakistan free from extremism and free from hate, making this Pakistan truly Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan, where all the people would have the fundamental basic right of practicing their respective norms, values, and beliefs. A Pakistan where all of its citizens would be as united as bees in a maze, A Pakistan where hate would be considered as a forbidden act, A Pakistan which has Harmony, Prosperity, solidarity, and Social Equality all around the country.

This Great Pakistan would be the same for all minorities and all majorities, where your nationality would eliminate all other differences, you would be equally and cordially respected regardless of your values, beliefs or practices. Either you belong to any political ideology, any religion, and racial culture still you would still be a strong firm and integral part of Pakistani Society. Let’s just wish and pray for a Pakistan which is free from hate, and everyone is respected equally. Let’s just accept to accept.

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