The Reckless Driving

(Iqra shaikh, Karachi)

Dear Sir,
Though the segments of your regarded day by day , i wish to draw the attention of traffic police of karachi towards foolhardy driving Ample opportunity has already past that legitimate advances are taken to put a stop to the reckless driving of engine autos and different vehicles in the roads of our thickly populated city.just two days back ,a poor Old homeless person barely got away from being kept running over by an engine vehicle going at a rapid .the poor person was crossing the road when a,vehicle came dashing along at a speed over ninety kilometers 60 minutes. Numerous ladies and kids who attempt to cross the streets of this over populated city become unfortunate casualties to such rash driving .this has caused numerous deadly mishaps. There is no uncertainty that guidelines with respect as far as possible do exist but the drivers pay no regard .the police also take close to nothing or no notice of this guilty parties. Consequently , mishaps are very nearly a daily occurrence. The police should carefully implement the guidelines with respect to limit. The open who are the most noticeably awful sufferers, must bring weight to bear upon the police and different specialists to put a stop to rash and careless driving ,generally this danger will proceed with unabated leading to more passing.

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