Death of technology An Islamic perspective

(Sajid Ali, Mehrabpur)

Today, I will tell a small incident of life. Few years back when I was in fifth standard in 1995, I read a book named “signs of day of Qayamat” (Day of Judgment). In that book all signs of Qayamat were addressed and few of them proven and many of them were yet proved.

One of them was that songs would be played in the mosques; I was surprised and shocked to see that. And I believe that kind of time will never arrive because we Muslims don’t allow anyone to play songs in our mosques. I was emotional and angry at the same time because I thought a non-Muslims can do that in our mosque and that will be only way that sign appear. It was 1995 and mobile technology was not introduced in Pakistan. So, in present era, now I can listen to songs in our mosques more often day by day. Sorry to say these are Muslims whose mobile phones rung during Namaz. I used to predict how that will be possible in the presence of Muslims, They will sacrifice their lives but they will stop this act it will impossible in the presence of Muslims, but unfortunately we called ourselves Muslims and we are doing that. Point is this that another sign of Qayamat appeared which I thought next to possible when ten years old guy thinking of that.

Einstein said “I don’t know how world war three will be fought but world war four will be fought with stones and woods”. And we know when “Hazrat Mehndi A.S and Hazrat Issa A.S” will come they will fight with sword. There will be no technology like missile, guns, tanks even atom bombs. So, I use to think how this technology will be come to an end? How death of technology will be occured? What will happen to our technology, our smart phones, our laptops and internet? I don’t know, perhaps you don’t know too, Being Muslim I believe now this will end and end soon.

I m not professional writer and I don’t write much but I want people must know the aim of their short life why they are sent. We should know we all have return like our ancestors.

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