(Sajjad ali sarohi, Karachi)

some pictures dont need any description.

We all are aware of Thar’s situation, right. Increasing death rate, malnutrition, and I can go on with the problems of Thar. The month of February alone took the lives of fifty-three children. Yet there is inaction by the relevant stakeholders.

According to the provincial health secretary, 450 children lost their lives in 2017, while 479 died in, 2016 and 398 in 2015. Because there are no proper hospitals. The impoverished region is completely adequate with many clinics no staff. Children have died because of various reasons, asphyxia, pneumonia, respiratory distress, and diarrhea. For several years now, the Thar’s region has been in the news for quite a while now for the ame reasons.

The people of Thar need education, medical facilities, employment, nutrients, and so on.. The chief minister wants to take a holistic approach towards the people of Thar; however, I do not see much happening now.

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