Is Feminism In Pakistan Really A Fight

(Idrees Paracha, karachi)

Feminism, more than a methodology or a purpose it has become a trend. If we talk about Pakistan , especially if you belong to the group of people who don't want to abide by the rules of society of how a woman should be dressed or how a woman is supposed to behave and how she is not supposed to behave, here you go "feminism" , a victim card that now a days most of the self proclaimed liberal woman are using to live by their own rules or do whatever they want irrespective of our values and teachings of Islam ,which are mostly misunderstood by people .

Out of the countless false notions, one that has sprung up on media in recent years about Islam is the idea of an oppressed Muslim woman is really common. If a woman is wearing a burqa or covering her self properly according to them she’s definitely being victimized.

False and illiterate preachers of Islam like Taliban and other extremist groups who claim in front of the world that they are following the right path of Islam, while one of their actions being an oppressing woman have further made the matters worst.

Islam does not restrict a woman from a woman going out and pursuing their interests and career, Islam doesn’t say that woman should be caged in their houses, disrespected or forced to murder their dreams, but whatever they should do they should abide by the rules of Islam of modesty.

What feminism really means is equal opportunities for woman , equal representation in political , social and economical sector and not restricting them to homes to cook food and take care of the family all day , it certainly not a fight for the right to wear short or less clothes or to be able to ignore your moral values without being criticized , is mostly woman here in Pakistan have totally took it wrong and the stems of this issue are growing stronger day by day.

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