Aadaab / Etiquettes of Neighbours

(Hunain Qasim, Karachi)

‎بِسْــــــــمِ اللّــہ الرَّحْمـــــــنِ الرَّحِيـــــــم

_In the Qur'aan Shareef, Allah Ta'aala commands us to show kindness to neighbours, near and distant. Nabi-e-Kareem (صلى اللَّــہ عليــــــــه وسلم) is reported to have said, *“Jibraîl (عليه السَّلاَم) continuously advised me in regards to the neighbour to such an extent that I thought that he will certainly make him an inheritor in my estate.”* In another Hadeeth Shareef, Nabi-e-Kareem (صلى اللَّــہ عليــــــــه وسلم) is reported to have said, *“The person whose neighbour is not safe from his harm is not a believer,”* and *“A person that is satiated whilst his neighbour is hungry cannot be a believer.”*_

_From the above Ahâdeeth we can understand the position of the neighbour, thus we are required to fulfil the rights of the neighbour and not cause any harm to them whatsoever and as well sharing goods with them and helping them whenever they are in need situations and trying to always polite and humble as our deen clearly guided us about neighbors and always ready for sacrificing for them because its plays a vital role in society and this cycle process will create unity and love for each other across society and will spread unity.
May Allah guide us in all this regards and made sincere everyone about neighbors. Amen!

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