Mother’s day

(Eman, Karachi)

In recent year mother day is very common ,showing love to their parents ,sharing stories, etc etc I think this is more social as purity .These special days are make any sense ?why we show our love only one day and share on social media and thankful to mother .If she is important than celebrate ,share these beautiful stories of mother every day not on special occasion. These all days have some history which show their love to died person but we not follow history we follow non muslim with closed eyes they celebrate so why we not...we are not living that non muslim life ,we are not separated from our parents,they come to their parents only on this day and then buzy in their life Our love for mother is for whole life gives gift on whole year so why we commit only this day to show our love .. and i really think now days this is only famous for celebrities sharing their pictures with mother To show our love for mother so donot commit only one day ”MOther is special for life” not only one day to share picture in media . Think about it! And break the rules of non muslim ,unfolkow it !

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