Unknown Thoughts of Muslims

(Sami Halepota, Hyderabad)

Whatever is written in this is not about Muslim criticism. It's all about the rights given by Islam. Do we, as Muslims, have failed to show the genuine view of Islam? I think yes, because the most arrogant act of a Muslims is to think that they are the only ones who will go to Jannah. There are many Muslims out there today who arrogantly think that they're only ones who will test perks of Jannah. Really? But Who are we to decide? Are we a Malik'yu' Meedeen? (Judge of day of Judgment). Obliviously we are not, than why you are treating some one else as a Malik'yu' Meedeen. If you inspect there are many Christians out there who are Mo'Mohammadan in their character then Muslims, Similarly there are Jews characterly Mo'Mohammadan than Muslims. There are others with no faith but their ethics are really good. Ali Ibn Talib said; people are of two types they're either your brother in faith or are equal in humanity. Did you ever heard Prophet Muhammad said kill them because they believed Jesus as a son of God? Did he (P.B.U.H) ever said anything ridiculous about Mosses? Never!  "Say All people of All books come". [Al-Quran] Don't we know all four of our books came from same source. Once A person along with Ali Ibn Talib was crossing the church, narration mentions that his companion asked Ali R.A Tell us how much Polytheism is being done in this church? Ali replied I just know how much Allah is being worshipped in that church. Famous Islamic Scholar Mr. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi highlighted some Solid weaknesses of today's Muslim.He thinks terrorism happens in Islam because of un authenticated and inappropriate religious thoughts which divert the minds of Muslims. Following are some inappropriate contents of Islam.

1, If there is a Polytheism in the world or a person who lefts Islam shall be liable to punish with death and Muslims has the right to punish him.
2, Non-Muslim are created just for justification and no body has the right to rule in the world except Muslims.
3, Muslims should have the only Government in the world which is known as Caliphate.

Such narratives are being taught in Islamic Madaras since a century but now is the time to think and move step away from this, I am neither Islamist nor Secular. I am Muslim and a Democrate who thinks these negative perspectives of Islam should be removed from Islam because these blasphemy theories and laws have no justification in Islam now What should a true Muslim do in such a situation? Should we support such types of cheap perspectives which is given by some ignorant and arrogant Islamic Scholars for whom Allah already mentions in Quran "They will be blown out of Hell's fire [Al Quran]. Do We worship Al Mighty Allah or scholars? Have we read Quran Properly? If we read, only read from above, Therefore, it is said that the Quran is the most readable book in this world but regret that the least understood book is also. Shall i seek other than God as a source of law where he has sent to us this book. Let me give you a perfect example of these arrogant Islamic Scholars I was Watching one of their video on YouTube where some Islamic scholar was claiming that filming is forbidden. Really? Then what about the person filming your holier thou speech off to hell with him too? Such scholars should now have to explain the correct interpretation of Islam because of their misguided Islam is becoming a very bad name in the day of the world. If these scholars can not do this, the interpretation of Islam can not be told to the truth, so do not mislead them even in misunderstanding. This is the reason why today's youth is doing so much to Islam, because the Scholar’s Islam have presented such an incorrect way to them that they are not ready to recognize them or even accept them.

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