(Muqadas Majeed, Kasur)

Higher School Students Of Mardan

Recently, picture of a deceased girl went viral on Facebook. She was gang raped and murdered. The dead body was found in agricultural fields. She was wearing a BURQA and still got raped. Another, CCTV footage showed a BURQA wearing girl passing through an alley and an aged bearded man harassing her.

According to our government, this Brilliant Initiative of making girls wear BURQA from home to school /college and back will end up the sexual harassment cases. Why the policy makers haven't put some light on the solution of Sexual Abuse against Boys? Should they also wear BURQA? Girls of 3 to 4 years are being raped. Obviously, our policy makers would say, those 3 years old girls don't wear BURQA that's why poor rapists do so!

It's clear that our government has failed in putting forward fine policies regarding Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment against Women that's why Blaming The Victim Culture is being promoted.

They are fooling people by covering their failures by falsely playing Religion Card!

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