Fall Down of Administrative System In Pakistan-I

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

There are various factors & dynamics which are fall down of administrative system in Pakistan. We have succinctly described in detail. It is crystal clear now. In our country parliamentary system is prevailing. Yet this system has not been built criteria for effective functioning of the executive. There are no special merits for National or provincial Assembly seats are promulgated till date. Nevertheless, old polling system is adapted to chosen own representatives for respective districts. In this regard, reforms had been set by the Muslim caliph that it was awesome that it would be kept the foundation of real democracy in their true spirit. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out these reforms in true spirit. These reforms are being based upon honesty, patriotism and truthfulness. These are the pillar and foundation of any administrative system. Without it we cannot progress. On the other hand, the executive is not able to control administrative function due to political influence.

As far as concerned political influence is bolt-neck in the way of improving the administration, therefore, it is directly effective from the nepotism, favoritism and corruption. That it will have eliminated the entire administrative systems. The environment should be based on equality, farness, social justice and fair trial in administrative capacity. Unfortunately, today, we observed these noble reforms in few institutions. People who have been acquired equal opportunity may get success in their lives. The distribution of work is fair and no extra burden on the shoulder of officers as well staff. Over burden is also cause of failure of administration in Pakistan. The ultra vires and excess of power is fall down the foundation of noble reforms.

The chapter of appointment & Service procedure is demand far more concerned in administrative system in Pakistan. There is no merit system prevailing in Pakistan. The quota system is far more concerned, which is taking leading part to fall down the administrative system in Pakistan. Actual analysis, I have received from various source is 90% officers are being appointed on merit in Pakistan. Approximately, 30% the lower staffs BPS-01 to BPS-15 has been appointed in the government service on merit, on the other hand, 70% are appointed through favoritism or nepotism in Pakistan. In spite of all this, the corruption in administration will have reduced the official capacity to the institutions.

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