Karachi is unable to tackle its sewerage problems. why?

(Esha Khan, Karachi)

The commission's report states that Karachi produces more than 450 million waste produce by households, business, hospitals and industrials units. Passing through different drainage channels that empty out in the layari and Malir rivers as well as into various drains, All this refuse ends up in the sea.

A sewage issues spreads waste and all the germs. Worms and toxic chemicals which can be effected on living beings like it can be cause of many health problems.Other are domestic households, industrial and agricultural practices produce wastewater that can cause pollution of many lakes and rivers. Sewage is mainly biodegradable and most of it is broken down in the environment.

As we are Karachicites and we all are facing these types of sewage problem that has not been solved. People feel disgusted and blame the government for it. And they face so many issues such as pedestrian paths are also covered with sewage water and main roads as well. Traffic system is also disturb because of sewage water. Nowadays, Karachi is effected by rainwater that mixed and sewerage lines getting chocked. Plastics are also created problems in these types of sewage problems. It blocks the sewage lines and water supply lines. These are the common issues nowadays in Karachi. We can see most of the areas are facing these problems. They don't have facilities to tackle these problems. counselor of the area must be take step towards these issues and give duties to the sweepers to clean the drains. In case of any disobedience of rules thier should be charge fine from each who through garbages out the bins or anywhere. Sewerage can also be controlled by doing such things like; Avoid put fats,oils or grease down the roads, use minimize water when it's raining. Less wash clothes or run the dish water until the rain stops to lessen the burden on the sanitary system and dispose of household chemicals and automobile fluids properly,not down household. Never pour household products such as cleansers, beauty products, medicine, automobile oil and paint down the drain and mist importantly excess cooking oil and plastic should be disposed off in the garbage cans. These materials can clog pipes,and cause sewage to overflow in your home or in public areas. Leakages pipes should be fixed. It can also stagnant in certain areas on the ground and become the breeding place of disease_causing. Excrement is also the major source of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. So the sewage needs to be treated. So that it does not impact the environment. Otherwise, harmful solids and chemicals in sewage can damage bodies of water that support wild life.

We should know what’s the solution of this problem. Inspect your sewer cleanout typically small pipe, about 4 inches in diameter, used to access the lateral line for cleaning. Make sure the cap to the cleanout pipe is on and has not been damaged, and replace it if necessary to prevent rain water from entering the sewer system. A lateral line connects the pipes in your house to the main city sewer pipes. Lateral lines are often old and frequently cause sewer backups from blockages or tree roots. Learn more about the sewer systems where you live, and support funding increases for infrastructure repairs and upgrades. It’s important that we invest in maintaining effective sewer pipes in order to reduce pollution to the Bay.

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