A dark phase of society

(Adeel Nazir, )

It’s a dark night when she was abducted from her mother’s room by her uncle. She was raped and then throttle to death. The culprit (her uncle) didn’t stop there after brutally raped & strangulating and then again pitiless uncle raped a death little angel. After raping her, he lay down death angel to outside of her mother’s room bed and then escaped from house.
According to Superintendent to Police (SP) Syed Ali the suspect confessed to having killing a little angel after sexually assaulting her. He further said that the girl’s father is afghan national, lived in DhokeChaudhrian’s sector ‘C’ Rawalpindi with his wife and six children. His younger brother (the suspect) also lived with his family. The incident noted when victim’s father and brother return to home at about 2:30am and found her little angel outside her mother’s room.

After incident to light a large no of people gathered to victim’s house and demand the speedy trial court to award exemplary punishment to the culprit.

It’s not a nightmare, it’s actual happened in our society. Every day we are heeding about child abuse but we didn’t tail it. According to international research conducted by Helton et al. in 2019, 70% of child abuse cases has increased. Mostly in that type of cases we didn’t listen our children. We need to listen children regarding sexual abuse.

Finding indicates that we need to listen & teach our children regarding Sexual abuse. In this shitty world don’t rely to anyone. Listen, teach & save your children from cruel peoples. Do precautions before it’s too late!!!

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