(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

This is the most important thing to look for in the man you want to marry. The husband should be a Muslim who adheres to all the laws and teachings of Islam in his daily life.

The woman’s guardian (wali) should strive to check out this matter and not rely only on outward appearances. One of the most important things to ask about is the man’s prayer (salaah); the one who neglects the rights of Allaah is more likely to neglect the rights of others. The true believer does not oppress or mistreat his wife; if he loves her, he honours her, and if he does not love her, he does not mistreat or humiliate her. It is very rare to find this attitude among those who are not sincere Muslims.
You have no time. Life is busy.So I'll talk about the precise and the work. Whenever you get a post, don't think it's a waste. Do you know that word is the solution to many of your problems?

MeDrZahoorDansihwish you well. I see society being destroyed.I see that on a daily basis, marital life is being disturb.

Let's learn the short and the amazing thing.

1. Every day, aim one “random act of kindness” at your spouse.
2. Talk openly about your finances.
3. Make the effort to find out more about your wife.i mean her feeling and what she likes.
4. Try some creative/imaginative ways to tell your wife how much you love her.
5. Plan some fun.
6.Taking Care of your Wife
7.Be Loving towards Her
8..Be Well-mannered
9.Complaining Unnecessarily
10. Try counseling.
11.Appease Her and Sympathize with Her
12. .Do not pick up Faults
13.Do not Pay Attention to Slanderous Talk of the Critics
14.Overlook Her Mistakes
15.Be Attentive
16.The Disciplinary Rights of the Husband
17.Do not Go After Other Wome
18.Be Clean at Home Also
19.Nurse Your Wife
20.Extend Your Help in the Household Works
21.Return Home Soon
22.Assistance in Bringing up Children

I am researcher and motivational trainer I observe in our society wo educate the person.butcan not educate the relation .Be kidly understand the relations.
Remember! Your children rely on you and look up to you for their happiness. Have mercy upon them and do not destroy their lives..
I know you are capable people. The hint is enough for you.

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