Act of Kindness

(FZ Khan, )

Unaiza Omar (Letter to Editor)

Is there any humanity left? Why are some people so stone-hearted? Is it fair to destroy homes, families, happiness and lives? Are those innocent people, who get to hear screams and weeping, hearing gunshots and sounds of bombing, lifeless? Those people are helpless, but we are not. We can be helpful but we are too busy being selfish and complaining about our own lives, relationships, grades and occupation that we forget what others are going through and that they need help.

Syria is a Muslim country in the Middle East which has the population of over 17 million. It is today the most dangerous country in the world due to civil unrestand armed conflicts. The population there is massively decreasing due to war casualties and due to over 4 million taking refuge in other countries.The conflict began on 15 March 2011, which is called the Syrian Day of Rage. It is nowmore than 8 years the civil war is not going to end. This conflict has inflicted deaths and wounds in hundreds and thousands. The people there need help of us. We should help them and donate whatever we can through Unicef or directly. It may help the deserving to afford food, water, clothes, shelter, sanitation, vaccines and all what they need. If every single person from Pakistan donates Rs.1, there would be Rs 204 million for the refugees.

Kindness always comes back one way or another. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

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