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(Eman naeem, Karachi)

Usually I donot write dairy but actually i say that recently I am not writing dairy.But last week a very eye opening and deep heart thing happen ..
I want some newspapers so I went but unfortunately uncle is not their and shop was opened like uncle has no fear ok their is news paper shop but phr b .....I buy some newspapers and give money to that man which is not a worker he is sitting closer to shop and like he is use to it..when I asked where is uncle he said that he is going to mosque ..
I was literally in shocked , we , buisness man, workers , not went mosque with a lot of employs and he go without fear . Even there are a-lot of shops but all shopkeepers are sitting and who went mosque which have no employs which have no money as that as much other shopkeepers have and they are sitting because they have fear that people go if they not found shopkeepers, employ are not loyal etc etc
But solute to the newspapers uncle they have that power in Allah, no fear ....
That other man say lie ..(this thing is very common now ) even he is not a worker ..
He is poor he has more greed of money but no ....i learn from this that if you have faith no one can destroy you ...and donot leave prayers ...
How sad we have alot of workers but we donot prayers ....!
This ....i must think about my self

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