Simple Rules of Better Memorization

(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

There are many ways to memorize the things and different people have different mental levels. Some people haven’t to take any botheration to memorize anything. While some ones have to face a lot of trouble for memorizing anything. This difficulty can eclipse ones all talents and their talents hide behind this deficiency. The most important thing is considered to gauge up one’s ability or capability, is the academic records which one cannot attain without mind which could memorize easily. No doubt, the person having no ability to memorize things could have had a very intelligent mind and could have learnt the things faster than the persons who can memorize things easily. Most important thing in all the faculties divinely bestowed is to have the ideas which always come to intelligent minds without any restriction that how much easily they can memorize the things or not. In this article, I am going to give some tips to those who have difficulty to memorize things especially to students.

• Firstly, people having difficulty in memorizing should try to write whatever they want to memorize. It may take some more time and looks bothersome to adopt this habit. But, it is the best and functional solution for this problem.
• Secondly, people having memorizing deficiency should try to be in present time in most of time. It will prevent them from wandering and this presence of mind will result a good memory. The most people get indulged either in past or in future planning. But, the basic thing is to remember is that the past has gone away and cannot come again in forthcoming time while the future doesn’t have any restriction to come as one has been thinking of it. So, thinking aimlessly about both of them unapproachable eras is only the wastage of time and mental energies and they can yield no progress usually in one’s life.
• Lastly, the physical exercises are proven track to fetch the benefit of memory problems along with their other benefits which are related to one’s physical appearances and confidence.

So, above ones are the most easily applicable suggestions which people may get in their lives and can easily be successful without suffering to them in any monetary and physical exhaustion. These suggestions are especially highly workable for students who want to excel in their studies and are ardent activists to achieve high marks but the non-memorizing minds don’t let them get the desired marks. So, students should not waste their time about thinking of these techniques’ applicability and success ratio. These are the golden rules which can change one’s life like a philosopher’s stone.

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