Allah never breaks his relation with his servant , so never become sad.

(Muhammad Habeeb, Sialkot)

"dont be Sad, Indeed Allah is with us. "

Allah is never far away from his servants. He is always close to him more than him. But a fog of desires become clouds around him and he forgets himself and floats on the worldly river of temptations. One these clouds disappear and he sees himself after long time and think what he has got and who he left behind. An echo of past vibrates and tears flow out of sad alone heart. But a voice rages with light over his mind and body and says oh my servant don't be sad , don't be alone . I was always there .. in your happy moments but you did not see you see more and you see me and want me ... oh my servant all relations leave but a relation of Allah and his servant never brakes. So never be hesitant and never listen to devil. Remember me , my mercy is to wipe out heavily sins.. never despair... I am always there, just remember me.. in my hands there is treasure of world's , ask me with an unseen belief , that I am your RAB. for I ,I will revive.. just by saying 'kun fayakun'.. inshallah

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