Is this lockdown for mother’s too?

(Samia Asim, )

I think the answer would be No for sure.We(mother) are not supposed to lock down our kitchen ,laundry ,cooking,folding laundry,iron clothes,cleaning home for countless time ,toddlers pee poo,handling kids and their tantrums ,screaming,yelling fighting,complaining blah blah blah....we are still occupied the same way we were before.

In the amid of this pandemic curfew,how we can make our time productive or useful for ourself which capable us to get out from this frustrated life.I think we just need to think out of the box for instance,due of this curfew we’re able to spend more time at home and can manage those stuff which we were unable to do before.We are completely isolated from our friends,family,relative no gathering,functions,parties it seems we have more time to find our passion and hidden talents Which perhaps got overwhelme under responsibilities,pressure,stress...

However, apparently it’s pretty obvious that having children’s around ,would barely let you to think out of the box for yourself.But,if we look around we’ll find many mothers who are managing and handling pressure in a quite better way and for the sake of our betterment we should have to seek those struggling,determined people who helps you to keep motivated and enthusiastic.

“self-care is so important.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel”


I heard this quit often,if a mother is pursuing her career or passion even,in a quite balanced way so it means she must have doing something wrong with her kids regarding of upbringing...she must not giving the quality time to her children which her children needed the most.I still couldn’t understand this thought process why we think putting 100 percent efforts on your kids upbringing make your kid a super child no,this is not a practical approach.Deep down-inside we all know that baby and mother born at the same time ,after child birth she remains the same human being who had lively Heart and strong feelings,she got tired ,she had her mood swings,she had her own way of dealing the situation it wouldn’t be change automatically rather she would think to change in a subtle way for her satisfaction.

Additionally,it’s significant to understand the human nature which requires self time,or Me time,which surely apply on mothers too.This self time help mothers not to be rude unnecessarily with children,listen to them when they needs your attention,not to scold too much which make you and your child upset and put you in a feeling of guilt.

“Today I’m giving myself permission

to have a little ‘Me’ time so that I can

Be the best wife,mom,friend,and women

I can possibly be”

However,when I am saying ‘Me’ time I do not mean going out for grocery and shopping these are the mandatory things which we need to do no matters what.’Me’ time should be a time when you do such things which interests you,brighten your mood or mind ,engages you and make you happy without your children distractions calling mama mama ....

Lastly,we all know that motherhood empowers us and enables us to do multiple task for our children’s and love them unconditionally.But,remember that well- rested mom both emotionally and physically is a better mother and a wife.When you’re happy and have peace in your mind,you can be more productive and be able to upbring your children in a better way.



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