Love the poor; make their service our motto, then turn off the camera


Love the poor; make their service our motto, then turn off the camera
You can serve them ... yes, serve them ... but! With respect ... not flinching ... with love and compassion.

Umar Majeed Khan
Student of GDC Baramulla.

At this time, the corona virus has created a strange situation all over the world, especially in our dear homeland in general. Fear and panic have severely damaged our moral character. How many people have character strength? The coronavirus is the result of our actions. I don't think we need to talk much about our social roles; just a click of the social media is enough. People who live a very difficult life even under normal circumstances, in the situation of lockdown, their homes are camps of poverty and starvation. Helping, assisting, caring for and helping the poor and needy is the basic teaching of Islam. Helping others, cooperating with them, providing them with the necessities of daily life has been described by Islam as a reward and a means of pleasing one's Lord. The Creator of the universe, the Lord of Glory, has commanded the rich to give out of their wealth to the poor. In the current dire circumstances of the country, it has been extremely difficult for the poor and the daily waged worker. Lockdown has further extended till 3rd May and the need for the needy increased. Looking forward to honouring their self-esteem and helplessness, But alas, how can our prosperity grow until we make pictures and show on social media? How do people know that we have become poor? It is sad to see a poor and needy class on social media everywhere. The funeral of honour is coming out and the helpless people are ashamed of their situation. All this is because when people see your pictures you are uploaded and the only fault of the poor is that they are poor. Remember that poor. The door to earn a living is closed. The Provider did not close the door. Allah will provide for him, but you will be sinful. Help them for sake of God. Don't praise the poor and helpless people by making them humiliating. You are asking all those who really want to help the needy, so do not display pictures, videos and do not make a mockery of the poor and force them to die. That the will of Allah be obtained, and the heart of the poor should not fail.

It is a pity that Government helps the people in every difficult time, which they are still doing today. All that is required is to reach out to the real needy while being wary of the usual labours. To the deserving people who do not express their needs in words, read their faces, see the moisture in their eyes and understand first of all among their dear relatives. Take care of your neighbours. There is no need to be alarmed, the manner in which the media is reporting on the coronavirus is highly inappropriate. It is important to keep in mind that it is wise to keep up with the situation and events. It is the greatest evil of the universe to spread Pictures of needy and poor on social media. Today, the media has no news except coronavirus. Fear and panic have spread everywhere. The question is, when the first news of the coronavirus outbreak in China came, there was no news about the coronavirus from any other country in the world at that time. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona a global epidemic and declared a global health emergency. Most of the countries affected by Corona, including China, the United States, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, are non-Muslims. Is it related to the shrine of a Muslims or Tablegi Jamat? It is very important to note that Tawaf of Kaaba has never been stopped before. No matter what the conditions of the world are, there has never been a ban on congregational prayers in mosques. However, while taking precautionary measures in mosques. Only God knows what the reality of the virus is. However, it is necessary to test the faith of those who are in a position of power today. By spending time in the way of God in difficult times, one can not only improve one's world, but also ensure forgiveness in the Hereafter. Today is a test of humanity. Nowadays on social media there is a lot of criticism of people who take pictures while helping the poor. It is very immoral and inhumane to take pictures while helping the poor, especially women. Keep helping the westerners in this way.

What we need most at the moment is hope unfortunately the tragedy of our society is that what is taken away most here is hope and more dangerous than despair. This is the test of our faith. Yes, and we can counteract this only by seeking patience, prayer and help from Allah according to the command of

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