Social evils and their reasons

(Fahad Zafar, Multan)

If we look around us, we will see a lot of things that we do not want, but even more surprising is that somewhere we are the cause. A servant wakes up in the morning and sees a lot of things throughout the day that should not be near him, but he never feels the need to think that there is no reason for it anywhere. He is responsible for every social evil. He considers the society as he sees it but he forgets one thing that he too is a part of the same society. If we see any evil in the society, our only complaint is that this evil should be rectified.

But we will never try to correct ourselves. Why? We know what belongs only to others. Apparently we are Muslims but most of us do not know the meaning of the word "Muslim". You may feel bad while reading this but the fact is that in this day and age you will find Muslims but not believers. The believer who sacrificed his life only for what came out of his mouth. Let me take your thinking to something you haven't thought about in years

An ordinary person who complains all the time that our rulers consider themselves emperors and others do not even realize it. But then the same person becomes a member of the neighborhood after a while. The next morning after becoming a member, he walks out of the house with his chest stretched out. Suppose his feet are not on the ground. The same person who used to take the initiative in greetings no longer responds to greetings. He understands that this neighborhood is now inherited from his ancestors. Now he owns it
Whatever he does with those who live in it now. He doesn't like to sit with anyone in the neighborhood. He gathers two or three flatterers who sing the same song all the time. Whatever the decision of the neighborhood is, it is called and because of friendship, it decides in favor of the oppressor. Even if a person speaks of justice, he is a rebel is declared. Thus one person fills the whole neighborhood with evils

A rich man who is one of the business personalities of the country trains his children in such a way that he tells them that there are insects living in this country. Yes, I am talking about Malik Riaz Hussain (owner of Bahria Town) who trains his children in such a way that his daughter pours petrol on anyone who goes to their house and no one will ask because he is a She is the daughter of a contractor

A famous person occupies the place of a poor person. When he goes to the police station, he is threatened that if you make noise, a false case will be registered against you. Yes I'm talking about the Occupy Mafia.And we give so much literature to everyone from the member to the person as if they have received the glad tidings of Paradise (may Allah be pleased with them). We ignore what they do wrong. In our country, it is forbidden to take pictures and videos with any kind of weapon, but only for the poor. Yes, I am talking about famous tik tok star Mian Sunny who is making a video with a child with a gun in his hand. Even if it is a license. Someone may not have noticed because he is famous. Pakistan is the only country in the world where only the oppressed are punished. You may have noticed that whenever a bird sees its reflection in a mirror, it stops there and fights with it for hours. Have you ever wondered why she does that? She thinks of her image as another bird and fights because she thinks it's bad, when in fact she is. Something similar is happening to us. We think others are bad, but in reality we are bad ourselves .Have you ever wondered why the rate of train accidents, plane crashes and other similar accidents is so high in Pakistan? The Minister of Time is not responsible for them. The Department of Education is the time responsible . Yes, the paper is leaked prematurely with a small bribe, the interview is passed with a small bribe and then we have that doctor, that Minister. There are doctors who give dog vaccine injections in case of fever. There are ministers who get high ranks but they are not worthy of them. Recently That the famous political figure "Fayazul Hassan Chauhan" increased his son's physics practical numbers. When the news comes out, the headmaster of the school is punished. What is his fault? What should he do when a federal minister threatens to forget his job if he doesn't get high marks? Responsible is the minister who misuses his power If someone is told now that society is bad, he should be corrected, then he says, "Dude, how can I fix the whole society alone? Now the question is, what should he do? He should correct himself. The rest of the society should correct itself." will be done. We are such that if a person was in error before but suddenly he is guided and he turns to the mosque to prostrate before Allah and ask forgiveness for his sins but we would see him and ask him something like this. "Hey man what happened that God remembered?" , "Hey, what sin have you committed in the mosque?"Who says that where can one person change the whole society? Be it Muhammad bin Qasim or Mahmud Ghaznavi, Allama Iqbal or Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, all of them alone changed the thinking of the society. The greatest example of this is our beloved master Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sarkar Alam (SAW) who reformed the society alone

A single person can change himself and fix the whole society. If he corrects himself then one of the bad guys in the society ends. Not every system in our country needs to be fixed. Only if necessary to ensure the delivery of justice in all circumstances. When the real culprit is punished and on time, more people will be healed in the society than you think.
Just think, "Where are we now?" Should we reform ourselves? Think about it. We think of ourselves as compassionate, but in reality we are not. A doctor who screams and cries straight out, "God, make us feel good (about the coronavirus), then we think it's fooling us."

But the same thing is immediately accepted if a tik tok star says. Are we really knowledgeable? To me, there is no one more foolish than a person who says that he is literate and considers others useless.

Change your mind, everything else will change automatically

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