An Un Interesting Talk

(healeromega, islamabad)

Let’s see what we all are full of desire, thinking, love, hate, interest , ego, selfishness .Well in short we all have a kind of personality disorder. we are kind of two faced .we ought to live together and confess to give our soul but the reality is the truth resides in one self it cannot be told but can be judged by other. It’s said honesty is the best policy but its only said not fulfilled because for us to breath and live we must be like this but forget that what we sore reap and forget that one day it will be all over and this all is meaningless. worries about other is our main time consumer but it can’t be understand why because it’s the nature but the one who just think about its own may be disguised as arrogant and rude. The problem is that we can’t mind our own business to make our life better instead judge your self rather others, this will improve the morality and courtesy of oneself but as a whole. It’s all uninteresting but if we focus the whole disaster in our life that is the concern about others and encounters of itself.

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