life and law of diminishing return

(Aisha A.khalique, karachi.)

Life and The law of diminishing Return.

whenever i come cross with this law in economics, my philosophical brain turned it around to the reality of life. let me tell you what this law actually tells us in simple words so that those of you,who are not aware about economics will get a quick review of it. so, the law of diminishing returns states that:
"There is a certain amount you need, if you overfilled the need, you won't get the same benefit as you got at the beginning."

This apply to every human need, everything works for a time being and nothing works forever. suppose you really like chocolate, you think the more chocolate you could have , the more happier your life would be but after having more chocolates, eating the first chocolates you feel great, after second you feel better, after third you won't feel as good and after some point in time your likeness towards the same chocolates which was higher at the beginning would began to declined...

This is same thing about life, if one need is fulfilled another need comes to takeover.
The life,its expectations and its needs can never ever be planned in a straight line there will always be a curve, the things that are making you happy now will not be forever with us, the curve that definitely come. So, be thankful because you never know sometimes less is more and more can be poisonous.

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