Don't let your child die.

(Aqsa qayoom, Khairpur)

Don't Let Your Child Die!

Parents the first learning room of a kid. Those lessons will never end in life. Then why these lessons causes a child death before admittedly demise ?

The kinship of parents and children is inestimable in every corner of world. It is created without any query, directly blessed from lord.
When parents give birth to a child its not just only about bringing him/her up giving the three times of chow and the shadow on head. They also have to feed the souls and the mind with knowledge, experiences, thinking and so on. To be a parent is the most difficult berth to do while its been seen the poor type changed now.

Every child is nonidentical born with dissimilar of thoughts, likes, dreams, the view to examine the rest of the world. So why the four of kids treated the same way in a home ? Do we give five different patients the same medicine to recover? Absolutely not!

A child always follow the footsteps of his/her parents who are the first companion. Subsequently parents think at a place our child is now came out from infancy period we should leave him/her alone now. For parents the child is only one who they can guide but parents forget the rest of world is also throwing admonition on.
And we all know the room of world is full of typed people.
Sometimes parents have to put their child behind and onther hand they also be behind their kid. Parents should not only nourish them but teach them how and where this nourishment be used. Teach him the difference of good and bad, the difference of poor and rich that being rich is not mercy or being poor is not curse, make him/her the real human, arise his/feelings of being the own of self.

It must be understand that by birth the kid doesn't say "I will be a murderer, a killer, a robber, a cirminal" so why it happened. Cause of the suboptimal breed by parents.
The main thing when a child die,

Child dies when you insult him/her in folks, child dies when you put him/her inferior to other childs,
child dies when you give him/her less importantance, child dies when you impose him/her your own wishes to complete and not listening what he/she really wants to do, child dies when you insolence him/her without understanding, child dies when you kill his/her applaud. By doing all these things parents feed poison into childs mind, and soul that causes destruction of his own existence.
Respect is the most valuable thing to everyone if parents admire and respect to their kids coequal way they will too. Every action has reaction now the things are in parents hand weather the actions are sober or bush_league.
Parents must pamper their kids in way that leads to the smoothness of behavior.

Parents are first humans whom child see when he/she opens the eyes, be that first always.

Parents should not give pressure to their kids of future in childhood, let them enjoy the childhood in awesome way the future will lead them than.
Arise them mentally not make them depressed by gaining the less marks on a single sheet paper.

Speak kind and gentle so that he/she will speak softly to their own kids though this way the world will be the better place to live.

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