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“Oh please mom! Don’t disturb me. Leave me alone! , he yelled at his mother, who just wanted to see him as he had returned after few months from a business trip.
Lying under the quilts, cuddled into a ball like shape. His heart was hammering against his chest and breathing heavily he had prayed for dozens of time for the battle to end.His small little handspressed against his ears.
‘You have no time for us…..Ahmed is suffering from your ignorance”, Lilly yelled.
If there was anything disturbing for Ahmad it was parent fighting. It was like a torture to him, he could not explain the pain and torture that was inflicted to him by this fighting. He wanted to run away so badly from this hell. So many times had he wished that he would be his aunt’s son, she and her husband never fight.
Dad and mom leave early in the morning and come late at night. At times they do come to Ahmad ask about his day but mostly they come late or are busy with assignments and when they are home they find one or another reason to fight.
Ahmad was standing before the window, waiting for his parents to return. He was so excited it was his dad’s birthday; he himself baked the cake and made other arrangements. Finally Shayan’s car drove in. He jumped down stairs and hugged his father. Shayan replied with a forceful smile.
Dad it’s your birthday. I baked your favorite cake for you.
Shayan already had had an official dinner and wanted to go to sleep immediately, as tomorrow was another hectic day for him, but keeping in view the manners he could refuse Ahmad.
‘Ok so let’s celebrate then’, but dad we have to wait for mom.
She has not arrived yet? Witch! I already told her…….
Ahmad’s stomach lurched. Dad! Please wait for five minutes. Please Ahmad I don’t have time, he was holding the knife to cut the cake, hurry up son. And after cutting the cake he didn’t even wait to have dinner with Ahmad, who was waiting for him since the evening. Ahmed alone sat on the table and had the dinner, thinking isolated and unwanted even by his parents.
Years passed Shayan and Saira grew older, now they didn’t have the strength to work day and night, most of their time was being spent at home and at time they used to wait for Ahmad as well. But most of the time Ahmad stayed busy and whenever he found some time, he used to hang out with his friends. During the years Ahmad had lost interest in his home or parents.
One day Shayan asked Saira to ask Ahmad to at least spend some time with his parents, knowing her crime of ignoring her son Saira regretfully replied, “ We have no right to ask for his attention, did we ever listen to his innocent heart when he was small?, he used to wait for us at nights, he used to try to stay with us but we never cared, we tore his heart into so many pieces by doing so, we were very ruthless parents who never bothered to care for their own child, now we deserve the same isolation and ignorance that we made our son to suffer from. ”

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