Marriage issues in Pakistan

(Munazza Khan, )

Marriage is a connection between two people sharing love and supporting each other at a same time. It’s a special bond formed between bride and groom. But in Pakistan we face many problems. Like early age marriages dowry problems and domestic violence.

Pakistan has the sixth highest number of absolute child bride .Early age marriages cause many problems first their immaturity and sudden change in roles cause many problems in their relationships. When their immaturity faces physical and emerging demands leads to depression, obstructed labour and increasing rates of miss carriages. Child brides faces limited opportunities for education and are at increased rate of domestic violence and they face many house hold problems when they are married to older man.

The main reason of domestic violence is illiteracy which is at very high rate in Pakistan. Which leads to depression and anxiety. Women who have experienced domestic voilence or abuse are at a highter rate of experiencing mental health issues many women had committed suicide because of domestic voilence to get free from all of the trouble at once and not fulfilment of sexual need by husband can also cause domestic voilence. Jealousy can cause a mental health issue. Domestic voilence can form any where at any age it can be found every where and is equally damaging where ever it occurs.

Dowryproblem is at the third highest rate death in Pakistan. The dowry system is a great evil exists in Pakistan. Not only nowadays but from ages it has been facing by everyone in Pakistan and many other countries all over the world. In Pakistan 95% of marriages involve the transfer of dowry, many relationships like engagements has been broken because of high demands of dowry.In Pakistan there are 2000 dowry related deaths per year occurs. Dowry is often conceived as demands which a bride’s parents handover to the groom and his family during the wedding. But in Islam dowry demand of dowry is un authorized. According to a Hadith (sayingsofMuhammad), mahr is the amount to be paid by the groom to the bride at the time of marriage, some of which may be delayed according to what is agreed upon by the spouses.

Dowryis linking to voilence basically the guardian begins to misbehaving to the bride and to the bride side for not sending dowry and her in-laws starting verbal and psychological miss treatment.


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