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The law of marriage(NIKAH) is a great favor of the Creator to mankind, which makes man superior to all other creatures on earth.This is the identifying distance between man and animal.The values and morals of the societies that have tried to free themselves from marriage are worse than those of animals.In other words, the people of the West, in the name of their so-called progress, washed their hands of the sanctity of the pure relationships of mother, sister, daughter and wife and fell under the spell of girlfriend-boyfriend culture.In their rebellion and arrogance, they increasingly blocked the way back.Trapped in a quagmire of family chaos and social chaos.They polluted their existence and eventually pushed the poison towards us.

It is not possible to remove NIKAH from the Eastern traditions despite the best efforts of the devil.So, a burglar door was used and a conspiracy was hatched to evict a Muslim woman and bring her to the streets. In the first phase of the project, young boys and girls were provided with a mixed environment in the society, moreover electronic media trained them in rebellion against their parents and encouraged court marriage.The housewife who grows up in the confines of her parents, watching the glitter of love marriage in TV dramas and movies, forgets that not every male is honest.Obviously, in the event of a love marriage failing, the girl can neither return home nor live anywhere else. Thousands of girls have lost their virginity at the hands of fraudsters and become part of devil's cohesive web.

In another move of the same planning, remarriage was defamed and declared wrong in the society.Western-sponsored NGOs, Jewish-trained scholars, Drama movies of different TV channels andFeminist sloganeers worked hard day & night to convince the nation that a man's second marriage is a luxury and oppression of his first wife.Under the guise of women's rights, anti-Islamic legislation made the process of second and third marriages more difficult.The worst affected by these oppressive rules were the Muslim sisters and daughters for whom, after divorce and widowhood, they could neither find a place in the in-laws, nor were they accepted into their ancestral home, and whereas due to the legal complexity, no man is willing to support anyone of them as a second wife.The loneliness of a woman in a crowd of bloodthirsty beasts and the agony she goes through, no one else can accurately estimate her grief.It only takes one poison to die, but in our society, the number of poisons a helpless woman has to drink to survive is incalculable.In such a case, Eve's daughter embraces death to escape the bitterness of life, or the dark paths of immorality become her destiny.Then the darkness of destiny not only darkens her personal life, but her compulsions also involve dozens of men into the filth of sin.This chain of curses encircles the nation.Spectators of other religions wanted to see the Muhammadan Ummah on the same point.This situation was their goal.Their ploy was to popularize the love-marriage and to defame the second marriage so that the Muslim woman would become an adornment of the crossroads and a preacher of sins and let the younger generation become drunkards and adulterers.The Evil Network is well aware that if the Muslim majority becomes corrupt, the spirit of jihad and the slogan of war will fade.Then even the strongest fortress of Islam will prove to be a house of sand for them.

The secret of the individual and collective salvation of a Muslim lies only in the strategy of following the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions (SAHABA).By rescuing the woman from the rituals of ignorance, the honor given by the true religion of Islam, let us give her the same place in our lives.The respect that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave to a mother, sister, daughter and wife with his blessed words and deeds, let us also morally defeat the fake feminists by following the same Sunnah.The family principles that were in force in the ideal society of SAHABA, we must adhere to the Islamic values by incorporating these principles into our way of life.This means that if the natural requirements of the first marriage are not met, this deficiency should not lead a Muslim to immorality،instead, support a helpless woman and revive the civilized way of second or third marriage.Respect for women was so important and necessary in the early centuries of Islam that divorce or widowhood was not a life sentence for any woman.Regardless of the age, regardless of appearance or family, the second marriage was used to arrange according to the will of the woman.The cradle of peace and tranquility has never been seen by such a society since then.A society in which women have never considered their existence a burden on earth.When HazratJa'farTayyar was martyred in the battle of Mota, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq married his widow Asma bintUmays.Similarly, after the death of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, Hazrat Ali Al-Murtada supported Asma bintUmays by marrying her.In those days, men did not treat a single wife unfairly in the case of multiple marriages, nor did women treat the husband's whole life as a monopoly.Like the women of today, my husband, my house, my wealth, that civilization was free from such arrogant words.Nowadays, many ignorant people, especially women, argue against remarriage to such an extent that there is a fear of disbelief.

Today, our family, marital turmoil and social problems demand that we, as a nation, change our lives by modeling the society of the SAHABA, and understand the ground realities. In most parts of the world, women outnumber men.According to Pakistan's recent and past census, women outnumber men in most cities in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the number of women is much more than men. However, overall, the number of women in our country is almost equal to the population of men,but if we look around now, we will see that the birth rate of girls is higher than that of boys everywhere, in addition to this, the results of the next census could be surprisingly worrying.Despite the growing population of women, discouraging men from remarrying is a dangerous trend that is destroying our family system.It is necessary to change the policy at the national and governmental level to get out of the dangerous future and troubled social conditions.Although second, third and fourth marriages cannot be made compulsory, a campaign to encourage second marriages at the national level is therefore necessary.However, having two, three or four women in a man's marriage is better than the crisis in which millions of women in our country reach old age without getting married.Delay in marriage is a big and unresolved issue of our society which is mainly due to the expenses incurred on the wedding ceremony and dowry.In the second, third and fourth marriages, all these problems go away on their own.This means that Allah has made it easy for us to practice our religion, but we like difficulties for ourselves.The spirit of our Islamic family system is the promotion of marriage and the denial of adultery.The implementation of this principle is possible only if the number of marriages is maximized.The only way to close all the doors of immorality is to get married as much as possible.That is why our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also commanded more marriages.

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