Rebranding of Thar

(Bajeer Amjad Ali, Tharparkar)

Thar, the resources starved region, throughout its history has been portrayed as the most disadvantaged and backward region of Pakistan. There is no denying the fact that it is suffering from multifarious problems ranging from early marriages and premature deliveries to malnutrition, unemployment and poverty to hunger and what not. In short it has become synonymous to sufferings. In the presence of such problems, people hailing from that region are expected to live the life of adversity, get birth just to die, eat what they receive, no matter from the heap of trash, feel flattered even in rags, bow down before every voice which is foreign to them let alone a powerful one, retire to deep and peaceful sleep underneath the roof, which is less likely to resist the scorching rays of sun, cold wind and falling drops of rain, as if they are under open sky .

However they have appeared averse to all these expectations and have made many strides in the various fields ,be it a literature, politics, sports, anthropology or any other filed and irony is that despite all these sufferings they have earned a good name in hospitality countrywide.

Some great names in the field of poetry, like Halim baghi, Amar sahir, saindad sand,piyaro shevani, are from this soil and have many books on their credit. Morever, Amar's one book was nominated for the award, which speaks the volume of his quality of poetry and intelligence.

If we talk about sports, which has been a weakest side of Sindh as a whole, but thari's also have made a subtle but very significant contributions in this particular filed .Mr. lal Kumar and Naresh have been playing a county cricket in England for last 5 years and have earned a good name in their field. They are self-made. They did not rely on government or any other sports related body to provide them resources to showcase their talent.

As far as politics is concerned, tharis have not put themselves on backfoot impactite part they have played is highly knowledgeable and laudable. The champions of this field were ,the great leftist, Jam saqi, and sanbho hemirani,to name a few.

It's high time that people should stop behaving biasedly and revise their perception and attitudes towards them and also trust on their talent so that they can get what they deserve.

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